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Advertorial: Friendship Explorations—Camp with a Therapeutic Twist or Therapy with a Camp Twist!

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By: Ready Set GO Therapy  |  April 4, 2024

Learn more from Ready Set GO Therapy about their Friendship Explorations program.

What is a child’s experience in Friendship Explorations groups?

At Friendship Explorations, operated by Ready Set GO Therapy your child will have a playful outdoor camp experience while learning important life skills. Through a combination of teaching and unstructured play, we address a wide variety of friendship and development skills through adventure, creativity, and connection to nature.
How does your summer program differ from traditional summer camps?
From the outside, our camp doesn’t look much different than other “traditional” camps.  You will see kids splashing in water, exploring, and playing with new friends, proudly wearing their camp t-shirts, playing hide and seek and tag, getting dirty and coming home, tired and happy.  

But we ARE different, and our differences serve to ensure that your child has a successful camp experience. Our small group size makes camp accessible to kids who have a hard time with large, loud camps. You will also notice the individual care that the kids receive from licensed occupational or speech therapists helps them navigate the intricacies of social interaction, emotional regulation, and gross motor development.

For what kinds of kids is your program designed and how do you help them?

Kids who join our programs might have a diagnosis of ADHD, sensory processing differences, emotional regulation challenges and/or Autism. Or they might not have a specific diagnosis but benefit from our highly trained leader’s support.  The developmental benefits of outdoor play are well researched, for ALL kids.

  • Sensory rich environment: The outdoors provides a gentle but sensory rich environment. There are no harsh colors to overwhelm, but we can find all the colors of the rainbow. We find sounds by quieting our bodies and listening. Tactile experiences through exploration can help calm the body.

  • Climbing rocks and trees: We spend lots of time climbing and exploring the natural environment, which develops gross motor skills. While we are climbing, we develop strength in big and small muscles as well as core musculature. Developing strength is important in education – the ability to hold your body up in class and pay attention– and friendship building - keeping up with friends in play.

  • Risky Play: We teach kids to listen to cues in their own bodies so that they can make personal decisions about "challenges versus hazards." A challenge is something difficult, but creates a sense of pride when accomplished, while a hazard is an obstacle where you would get hurt. Learning to make these decisions independently allows kids to develop self-confidence in their own ability to take care of themselves.

  • Balance of Structured and Unstructured Play: Unstructured or free play with friends is important in developing many skills, but can be hard for some kids, who might feel overwhelmed or unsure how to enter play or share ideas with others.   We provide “supported unstructured play", getting involved only to help guide when the kids are having challenges. We also support each child in joining structured games and activities at a level that feels comfortable.

At Friendship Explorations summer camp, the opportunities for developing friendships, working together, regulating emotions, building confidence, and having fun are boundless. We hope that your child will join us at Friendship Explorations this summer!

How can SMMC members learn more?

Call (415) 339-8800 to learn more!


Ready Set GO is an SMMC Community Partner.

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