Welcome to the
Southern Marin
Mothers Club!

Celebrating 25 years!



SMMC is run entirely by volunteer Moms and Dads
like you. The new term for volunteering is beginning in April 1, 2018 and we have lots of open volunteer positions available. Please refer to our Volunteer
page for more info and check the calendar for upcoming recruiting events!


Community Play Date

Whether you joined SMMC a year ago or just last week,
this is a great opportunity to connect with other
members, learn about playgroups, and how to get the most
out of your membership. Bring the kids and let's meet in
the outside "Backyard" at Terrapin Crossroads.


Newborn Play Date

If your baby was born January - March 2018
, please join us at Peet's in Corte Madera
to meet other new moms like yourself.


Helping the Fire Victims

SMMC has put together a growing list of how we can
continue to help victims of the Northern California fires.

Let us know if there are other great ways to help,
we'd love to hear from you: president@southernmarinmoms.com


SMMC Parents' Survival Guide

ALL the information & resources you need to survive parenthood in Marin.
Available at any SMMC event. One copy free to SMMC members, $15 to non-members.


Meals For Moms — Another perk of SMMC!

Provided by SMMC for members who have new babies, dealing with a prolonged illness, or just in need of a helping hand.


Welcome to the Southern Marin Mothers Club!

We are a community of moms and dads who join to connect with other parents, get advice and recommendations, and find activities and playgroups for their kids, ranging in age from birth through the school years. With over 1400 members, the club strives to provide a supportive, nurturing community for families to share meaningful experiences, fun, and fellowship that strengthen family bonds.

The SMMC Calendar is full of activities for kids, families and even events just for parents! Each year, we have three big events, many socials, outstanding educational seminars, events just for school-aged children and an annual consignment boutique.




Discover a supportive and caring community and make lifelong friendships for you and your little ones. With over 50 playgroups, fun activities for families and parents, educational speakers and a special subgroup for school-aged kids, there’s something for everyone.


SMMC provides ways to give back to our community, support others in need, and educate kids about philanthropy and doing good. You can participate in programs like Kids Helping Kids, Wisdom and Wiggles, Meals for Moms, or donate to charitable drives at our events.

Online Resources

SMMC has an active discussion forum available online or via a mobile app, online classifieds, and the Crier Magazine & Blog that feature articles on topics like parenting, health and wellbeing, relationships, food, finance, tech and some much-needed humor.


Did you know that you can save money and help support local businesses by joining SMMC? We have over 75 local businesses like restaurants, wineries, kids’ stores, gyms, photographers and party planners that offer discounts exclusively to SMMC members.