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Advertorial: One in Ten—Understanding Secondary Infertility

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By: Dr. Susan Fox, DACM, LAc, FABORM  |  May 2, 2024

If you know ten women, you know someone struggling with secondary infertility, difficulty conceiving or carrying another child. Or maybe that woman is you. There is hope – proven, science-backed measures that can improve fertility.

Silent hormone disruptors found in everyday household products, from toothpaste to shampoo, cosmetics to clothing, can have an adverse impact on fertility. Removing these toxins is the first step to improve our whole health and reproductive health. Opt for glass over plastic, choose natural product alternatives, and detoxify living spaces to create a nurturing environment for conception, pregnancy, and family. 

Check your Vitamin D, Thyroid antibodies, and Iron levels, all of which can be implicated in recurrent pregnancy loss. Reviewing these labs is standard of care in my practice. 

Pay attention to the four pillars of nutrition & supplementation, hydration, circulation and restoration through proper sleep-wake cycles. Getting nutrient rich blood flow to ovaries and uterus with targeted circulation at specific times in your menstrual cycle and having the right supplements for your unique needs can make the difference between a + pregnancy test or another month’s disappointment. It’s a Wild west out there in supplement land, and social media has made it appealing to click and drop ship. Choosing those that are quality control tested by a reliable third party and containing bioavailable ingredients is the difference between good health and expensive urine. 

Be gentle with yourself; the emotional complexities of secondary infertility are real. We can feel shame for our bodies not performing, or even for wanting another child while others are struggling for their first. In truth all suffering is equally worthy of compassion.

In my practice I often turn to the wisdom of Chinese Medicine and the 5-Element model of diagnosing in conjunction with lab review. Limited time, coupled with work, family and intimate relationships vying for our attention, we need to find an easier way to recover and heal.

That’s why the course Your Fertile Health was designed. Starting with a 5 Element Assessment Quiz to uncover imbalances that can lead to diagnoses such as PCOS, endometriosis, autoimmune or even, unexplained infertility. Discovering your 5-Element Type provides insights into how these imbalances play a role in your fertility journey. Take your free quiz at and receive a free report on how to support your 5-Element Type and improve your fertility.

Then address and correct the root cause and restore fertility. A few tweaks to improve habits and mindset can be the key to conceive and carry a healthy baby to term, and to enjoy a happy postpartum.

Friends, family, and people in our communities are silently suffering. The story of one in ten is more than a statistic; it's a shared narrative of struggle and resilience. Yet it underscores the importance of fostering awareness and taking steps towards addressing infertility, including the challenges of secondary infertility. With support, we can transform obstacles into opportunities for fulfillment and family.

Dr. Susan Fox, DACM, LAc, FABORM

Dr. Susan Fox, DACM, LAc, FABORM, is an expert in the field of reproductive health and fertility. With over 23 years' experience, she combines evidence-based research protocols with traditional medicine practices to make lasting improvement in patient and client success. Her online program, Your Fertile Health at Health Youniversity
(, teaches a 5-Element Model of Chinese Medicine that empowers individuals to understand the intricate connections between lifestyle factors, overall wellness, and fertility potential. The program includes innovative targeted protocols for physical, physiological and emotional aspects of the fertility journey, all done in the comfort of one's own home (no more running to appointments!). The Your Fertile Health Program revolutionizes the way individuals approach their reproductive health, prepping the nest for IVF or natural conception.

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