Our Mission

The Southern Marin Mothers’ Club
strives to provide a supportive, nurturing
community for families to share
meaningful experiences, fun, and fellowship
that strengthen family bonds.

subgroups by age, interest, or special need
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members of The School Years subgroup
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dollars donated last year to local charities


Afsaneh Zolfaghari

Afsaneh Zolfaghari


Afsaneh grew up in Marin, spent almost a decade studying and working back East, and returned home truly appreciative of everything about Marin. She lives in Belvedere with her patient husband Andy, three children Zoraya, Kaveh and Garrett, and feisty dog Pika. To unwind, she loves hanging out with her big, crazy, Filipino and Persian families, reading a good book, and driving alone blasting old school hip hop. At some point her life, she would like to travel to each Continent and visit the Seven Wonders of the New World. This will be her third year on the Board and is honored to serve as President.

Sue Weiss

Sue Weiss


Sue Weiss loved her upbringing in Michigan but has been a West Coast resident for 20 years now. After meeting her husband Mark over 15 years ago and traveling all over the world, she settled down in Marin and happily lives in Mill Valley. These days she enjoys spending most of her time with her girls, Elyse (4) and Caitlyn (2), and tries to squeeze in some other fun events like seeing a concert, playing tennis and volunteering for SMMC for her 3rd year in a row.

Jessica Mulcahy

Jessica Mulcahy


Jessica grew up in Switzerland with her British family. A nomad at heart, she has lived in many European countries and is always planning the next travel adventure. She now lives in Tiburon with her husband Simon and her children, Finlay and Savannah. Jessica is delighted to be serving on the board for her third year and hopes to put some of her organizational skills to use as the club's secretary. Jessica has recently decided to take up rollerblading so one of these days you may catch sight of a rather uncoordinated roller skater in a pink helmet along Blackies...

Beryl Slavov

Beryl Slavov


Beryl Slavov, JD, CFP owns and operates a local business services firm that specializes in helping small businesses and families with the various aspects of their financial, legal, and insurance needs. Beryl lives in Tiburon with her amazing husband and four energetic children, Lucas, Sophie, Paul and Antoine Jr. She feels blessed to be able to give back to this amazing group that has provided so much insight and support throughout the years.



How do I join SMMC?
Follow these steps to apply online:

  1. Generate an invitation from Big Tent to join SMMC through their site.
  2. Fill out the online application.
  3. The Membership team usually approves memberships within 72 hours.

Email our membership team at membership@southernmarinmoms.com with any questions.

What are the benefits of membership?
There are so many reasons to join SMMC. Join for the friendships, the amazing parent resources, our online forum (with nanny and babysitter recommendations!), the classifieds, the 50+ playgroups, the full calendar of activities for your family, our monthly magazine, the SMMC Crier magazine and access to the Crier Blog, our Community Counts discount program and our philanthropic programs.

What is the Meals for Moms program?
Meals for Moms is a great service that SMMC provides for members who have new babies, who are on bed rest or dealing with a prolonged illness or who otherwise are in need of a helping hand. Please email mealsformoms@southernmarinmoms.com and we will help coordinate this meal delivery service.

Who can join SMMC?
Moms, dads, grandparents—any family raising children in Marin is welcome to join. SMMC has members from Sausalito through Novato.

I’m an expecting mom, can I join?
Absolutely! The forums are an especially great resource for expecting moms, with community advice and recommendations for everything from birth plans to breastfeeding. Many expecting moms join to gain access to the online forums, where parents often recommend nannies and childcare.

I have older kids. Is SMMC still relevant for me?
The school years open up a whole new world of joys and challenges for parents who will find help, support and resources through SMMC. We have a subgroup of over 300 members especially for parents of older children. Mixing parental education and family-oriented events, TSY team puts on multiple events each year. Typical events include parenting education talks, a family overnight, kids’ movie parties, workshops on re-entering the workforce, a private school fair, and a Pacifics baseball game. Additional events include relevant panel discussions, documentary screenings, and kids’ volunteer opportunities.

What does it cost to join?
A one-year SMMC membership costs $75 and two-year membership is $125. Scholarships are available, just contact membership@southernmarinmoms.com.

What is SMMC’s refund policy?

SMMC has a no refund policy for membership fees.

How can I volunteer?
SMMC is run entirely by volunteers—yes, our 1400+ member club is run by more than 70+ moms and dads who give some of their time every month to bring you a vast array of programming, resources, camaraderie and fun! If you are interested in volunteering, please email president@southernmarinmoms.com.


Where can I go to find a playgroup that suits my needs?
Log on to BigTent. Be sure to select “Southern Marin Mother’s Club” from the top right drop down. Look on the left hand column and select “Subgroups”; there is a list of all of SMMC’s subgroups (in alphabetical order).

I’m expecting soon and am a first time mom—when is the right time to join a playgroup for my little one?
Any time is a great time to join a playgroup! Some women join while pregnant and some after their child is born. SMMC creates playgroups and groups them by quarter per calendar year (Q1 is January – March). You select a playgroup that fits with the expected birth date of your child. If you join a playgroup while pregnant, it’s a great time to meet other expectant moms and have a chance to get to know one another before the birth, but it’s equally beneficial to join after you give birth.

My playgroup isn’t as active as I’d like. What can I do?
Sometimes playgroups experience periods of inactivity due to weather, calendar holidays, parent’s work schedules, etc. These groups are entirely self-run and SMMC does not host activities or meet ups, which means it’s up to its group members to participate. If you have noticed few or infrequent playgroup activities, the best thing to do is to suggest one within the group’s forum! It can be as simple as “let’s meet at the park at 10am“. The Membership Team is here to help with ideas based on kids’ respective ages and group best practices to anyone needing help. Contact membership@southernmarinmoms.com.


What is BigTent, and how is it different from the SMMC website?
BigTent is how SMMC members interact online. We have a members only area that hosts our forums, age based playgroups, special interest sub-groups, classifieds listings, our event calender and lots more. Once you join, make sure to check it out. You can set up BigTent to alert you to new classifieds, forum posts, or events, or so you don’t receive any emails at all.

The SMMC website is general information about our club that is visible to everyone. The website calendar will show the events, but none of the specific details for members only.

What content is on the online forums, and what questions can I ask?
The forums are how our members interact with one another online. There is tons of valuable information about schools, common childrearing issues, and so much more. You can ask just about anything (within reason of course) and almost always get some great answers. It’s also possible to post sensitive questions anonymously so no one knows who’s asking but you can still get answers.

How do I sign up or log into BigTent?
Once your membership has been approved by our membership team (usually within 72 hours), the email and password you entered when you joined SMMC can be used to log into BigTent. Simply go to www.BigTent.com and enter your email and password. Once you’re logged in, you can click on the “Discussions” tab to visit the forums, the “Events” tab to see the calendar, or the “Classifieds” tab for the latest classifieds listings.

How do I post something on the forums?
To post in the SMMC Forums, make sure you’re in the “Discussions” section of Big Tent, which is the forum. Then click on the the blue “Start a Topic” button on the upper right hand side of the forum. From there, enter your title, then the content of your post. Finally, select the forum you want the post to go into. Most posts go into the “General Discussions” forum, but any posts related to childcare should go into the “Childcare” forum. If you are posting into a specific sub-group like your age based play group, select that forum. Finally, click the blue “Post a Topic” button at the bottom of the screen.

How do I join a subgroup, and how many can I join?
Subgroups are smaller groups within SMMC that are focused on an age groups (like your age based playgroup), your local area, or a special interest like “Jewish Moms” or Mompreneurs.

There is no limit to how many you can join, but we suggest starting with no more than three or four and expanding out from there once you’ve connected with other members in those groups. To see the list of Subgroups or join one, log into BigTent. There is a menu on the left side of the screen, and under “Resources” one of the options is “Subgroups”. Click on that to see our list of Subgroups and a description of each one. To the right of each Subgroup name and description is a blue button that says, “learn more and join”. Click on that for some more information about the Subgroup.

If you want to join the Subgroup, click the “Request an Invitation” button. Once the Subgroup leader has approved your membership, you’ll get an invitiation through Bigtent to join the group officially. Once you’ve accepted that, you’ll be part of that Subgroup, see their forum postings, calendars, and receive any group specific communications.

Can I buy and sell items on the online forums?
Yes, we have a very active classifieds section with great items for sale.

I own a business. Can I post something about my business on the forum?
We don’t allow any self-promotion on the forums. Due to the number of our members with their own businesses, the forum could quickly be dominated by this type of post. However, you can reply to someone’s post who is looking for or asking a question about your type of business. We do require that you disclose your relationship to the business in your post.

Can I post anonymously on the online forums?
Yes, we do allow anonymous posts on any topics that require privacy. However, we strive for a positive and supportive tone on the forums and do not allow anonymous criticisms or negative reviews. Posting something anonymously is quick and easy. Prior to hitting the “Post a Topic” button click the “options” button. Then click the box where it says “conceal my profile identity”. Once you’ve selected that, click the “Post a Topic” button. Your post will not appear right away as it has to be approved by the moderators. This can take anywhere between a few minutes and a day.

Are there guidelines for the online forums?
Yes, click here to download the latest guidelines for the BigTent forums..


I have older kids. Is SMMC still relevant for me?
The school years open up a whole new world of joys and challenges for parents. We have a subgroup of over 300 members that provides help, support and resources designed especially for parents of older children.

What kind of events do you hold for school-aged children and parents?
TSY team puts on multiple events each year that mix parental education and family-oriented events. Typical events include parenting education talks, a family overnight, kids’ movie parties, workshops on re-entering the workforce, a private school fair, and a Pacifics baseball game. Additional events include relevant panel discussions, documentary screenings and kids’ volunteer opportunities.


What types of events does SMMC host?
The SMMC Calendar is full of activities for kids, families and even activities just for parents! We have three big events, many socials, outstanding educational seminars and an annual consignment boutique. We also host Preschool Night and a Private School Fair each year as parents consider educational choices. Check out our calendar for more information.

Who can attend SMMC events?
Some SMMC events are open to the public, but the majority are for members only.

How will I be notified of all of the upcoming events?
SMMC posts all events on the online forums at BigTent and sends a monthly email listing upcoming events. You can also check our online calendar for the latest.

How do I RSVP for events?
Events that are open to the public will include an Eventbrite link to RSVP. Members-only events will include a link to RSVP on BigTent.

Does SMMC charge for events?
SMMC sometimes charges a nominal fee for events in order to offer a range of high-quality experiences and speakers.


Where can I find the Community Counts discounts card?
The discounts card is available to SMMC members only. As a member, you can find the Community Counts card in the SMMC Crier, on the Crier Blog, and in the Files tab on BigTent.

Where is a list of all the discounts?
Click here for the list of all the discounts. You can also find a complete list in the SMMC Crier and on the Crier Blog.

How can I make a suggestion for the Community Counts list?
Please email your suggestions and recommendations to communitycounts@southernmarinmoms.com. We would love to hear from you!

I am a business owner, how can I become a Community Counts partner?
Send an email to communitycounts@southernmarinmoms.com with your business information, including your email address and website link. To become a partner, we ask for a minimum discount of 20%.


What is the Meals for Moms program?
Meals for Moms is a great service that SMMC provides for members who have new babies, who are on bed rest or dealing with a prolonged illness or who otherwise are in need of a helping hand. Please email mealsformoms@southernmarinmoms.com and we will help coordinate this meal delivery service.

I love to cook. How can sign up for delivering a meal to a family in need?
Our Meals for Moms team coordinates all our meal delivery services. All members are on an on-call list (arranged alphabetically) and are asked to participate sometime throughout the year. Please email mealsformoms@southernmarinmoms.com for any questions.